When Will It Stop

Good Day to all my readers.  

I finally had my MRI and I should be able to see the report on the 27th online.  Of course it takes me a lot of time to read it because I end up Googling about every 10th word to understand what I am reading. 

The pain continues however it is under some control with the aid of muscle relaxants. I must take one before bed or I am going to be in agony.  Unfortunately, during the day I have to limit my meds to Tylenol because muscle relaxants are a one way ticket to Cloud 9 or maybe 10. 

I have found in the last week that I can't walk from one end of our mall to the other end and back without creating very sore and heavy legs.  Today, I found I wasn't even able to walk around Walmart without my right side abdomen wanting to kick me into tomorrow.  I came home and just took it easy until the pain subsided. 

I have learned to deal with the pain and basically block it out until it gets too strong.  I hate meds and was actually told by my Urologist that it only takes 3 - 4 doses of Hydrocodone to be addicted. It is an Opioid.  Makes me quite of wonder if it is that bad - why the Federal government needs to do anything.  Doctors should be smart enough to just not prescribe it. 

I am waiting for the 27th - and will probably make some sort of entry after I find out if the MRI explains any source to my pain.  On Wednesday my wife returns from her cruise.  She has had some tough times with her Cancer and the effects of treatment that we have to deal with for the rest of her life.  A small challenge for being able continue living. 

Hope you are all doing well.   As always my email ( info@sharksbait.org )