What Is Normal ?

Good Day.

In the turmoil of 2020 we are hearing the phrase "new normal".   I am not going to dive into the craziness of Covid or the unrest in the United States.  

I am however wondering when I might ever be able to get back to my body "normal".  Backing up a bit, I had a Pulmonary Function Test in May.  The results may have helped with the reason I experience short of breath at times.  But, the sad fact is that the test is pointing out yet another body part that has issues.  My thyroid may be enlarged. The word they use for it medically is possible Thyroid Disease.  Definitely not what I wanted to hear of course I am not sure what I wanted to hear. 

Anyway, life goes on and I continue to think "It Is Well With My Soul".  Tomorrow, I see my Primary Doctor and take the next step in figuring out what is wrong.  

On the Cancer side of things - it has been "fun" to have information that sugar promotes hot flashes.  Darn it is summer and that is really a nuisance.  Who doesn't like some ice cream after the temperature hits 80 ?   Well, one night I prepared myself a bowl of ice cream.... delicious.  My night sweats were in full throttle and all I could do was say - yup you did it to yourself dummy. 

I tried last night to drink only water after 6pm.  I am really hate water and it has to be "prepared" just right.  All the water I drink is filtered and put in the fridge so that it is nice and cold.  Well, i was doing great 3 hours of drinking water only and then it hit... A&W Root Beer,, no ice cream.  The rest of my night was good.  HA, you thought I was going to tell you that my Night Sweats were out of control again. 

It is however a daily battle.  After all I will be fighting my Cancer for the rest of my life. Not always on drugs, but will never stop being monitored and always hopeful that my PSA never jumps upwards.  

Soon this website will also be promoting a concept to help with any Household insurance claims you may need to make.  As always a small portion of the revenues will be put aside to help Cancer Warriors. 

I also have a copyrighted book of my poetry.  I need to raise $3500 to get it published and distributed to book stores.  I can of course offer that for sale through this blog entry and the Sharksbait website.  Anyone in North America can send $10 US (Money Order) to me along with your email address and I will email you the ebook to you.  I know some of my readers know my Dad ... please ask him for the mailing address.   Others of you please send me an email  info@sharksbait.org for address information. 

A final word on Cancer.  If you are male and older than 35 - please start getting your PSA checked annually.  The test is a simple blood draw. If I knew how to develop it - I could have an annual reminder for men to sign up too...   Women, please get your mammograms done as suggested by your doctor. 

Please stay healthy and safe to key words in the turmoil ridden 2020.