What Is Happening To Me ?

I really don't know what to type.  Since the middle of September my voice has gone on vacation.  All the Doctors and I Speech Pathologist I saw at CTCA indicated my issue is Acid Reflux.  I have been trying to work on the issue as they advised. 

What I have noticed and my wife confirmed that my voice has gotten even deeper.  People 6ft away from me can't hear me.  I thought I should be able to return to work by Nov 1st... I somehow don't think that is about to happen.   My neck just hurts. 

I used to sing before I started my work day,  sing while driving, and now I can't sing at all.   My voice that was apparently loud and I could project it easily ...... is just not there. 

I am very frustrated.   That is it for this entry folks... Frustration with a voice that seems hell bent on leaving me.