What Else ?

Well, September was going well until about the 15th.  Then all of a sudden my voice went on vacation.  I am not sure where it went but I will be quite happy when it returns.  But I have already jumped way ahead of myself.   So let me rewind.

I started my day work week Sept 14th and everything was going great.  However on the 16th I noticed before I even started working that my voice was hoarse.  Now a hoarse voice in some work positions is not a bad thing.  However, when your work involves Call Center work and talking it presents a serious problem.  I heard a number of callers saying - could you speak louder,  I can't understand you...   

Well two hours into my shift on the 17th I decided that I was frustrating more people than helping - nevermind the discomfort that I was in.  So, I decided I better find out about starting Short Term Disability.  Which I did. 

I also let my Oncologist  know about the situation in Zion, IL.  He made scheduled an appointment for me on  the 22nd.  I was headed back to Zion, on the 21st. A CT scan of my neck showed nothing.  A blood test was also done which didn't indicate anything.   Dr. P, felt that I should see a GI and an ENT and wanted me to hang around in  Zion until the 24th with absolutely nothing happening on the 23rd.   I thought about it quickly and decided no I wasn't going to punish myself by hanging around a hotel room all day. I think I would probably have ended up in a padded cell. 

Another set of appointments were scheduled for Oct 6 and  7th.  I flew out on the 5th unfortunately for me I had a three hour lay over in Minneapolis airport.   I arrived at the Chicago airport and my driver met me at baggage carousels.  He took my bag and led me to the shuttle bus.  I got into the bus and he prepared for the ride to Zion.  We got to the hotel approximately one hour later.  The driver said - go on in and I will bring the luggage for myself and two other people.   I had not yet checked in and the luggage came in - to which I said there should be one more bag.  I followed the driver out and - my luggage was not in the bus. 

My phone rang, a call from home.  Crystle, (my wife) called me and asked me if I was missing something.  I said yes I am.  Well, Crystle has been called by a Chicago Police Officer that had been called about my luggage sitting in parking  lot.  In fact, the bomb squad had checked my luggage.  Anyway Officer Lamb, called Crystle and let her know about my luggage.  It took a bit of time but another driver for CTCA met Officer Lamb and my luggage was at the hotel by 8:30pm. 

On Tuesday, I met with my an ENT.  Great experience - she put a scope through my nose and down my throat so she could look at my vocal chords and everything in between.  I went through this process by shutting my eyes and putting myself somewhere else.  I think the worst of the entire process was when the Dr. pulled the scope out.   The results as far as the ENT was concerned was Acid Reflux.. 

I also spoke to a GI doctor and was told that they would be scheduling me for an Endoscope on Wedneday.  Finally, I spoke to my Oncologist who indicated my blood wasn't showing anything to be concerned with.  

Wednesday I had my Endoscope.  Always wonderful to be medically knocked out. I was told to have a nice nap and to take some deep breaths.  The Doctor was standing in front of me and then I noticed that wonderful heavy feeling and my eyes closing.   They let me wake up by myself no prodding.   The GI doc - also said Acid Reflux.  They also let me know they did a biopsy as well. I should know the results of that by the 18th of October. 

Now, before you think I should have felt something... no very rarely felt any heartburn or any other signs of an Acid Reflux condition. Anyway my voice went on vacation because everything in my neck concerning eating,breathing has been messed up because of the Acid Reflux. 

I am now looking at Speech Therapy and Physical Therapy - and according to a secondary thought from my Oncologist a possible pinched nerve in my neck.  According to a Speech Pathologist I met - it all has to come back to normal before I can regain my voice to what I am use to.

So although it seemed to me that my Blog may have been getting boring I will be provided new material here for awhile.  As I get used to all the rules they want me to follow and changes in how I sleep. 

That is all for the 11th of October.