What A Week (weak) !

As weeks goes this has to be one of my worst.  No new surprises with Cancer.   

I was going about my day in a Covid world norm. I even had my mask on even though I was outside.  I was walking from inside the mall to another store (Target).  I looked up at a sign for Verizon and that shifted my direction.   I took maybe two more steps and my left foot caught the concrete divider between the sidewalk and the flower bed.  I lost my balance and attempted to catch myself with some rather long strides.  Guess what ?  It didn't work.  I landed and landed hard.  I think my right knee was first and then I saw the concrete quickly approaching - I turned my head and BANG.  I think I might have dented the concrete.  

It was just a few moments  and I heard - "Sir, are you alright ?".  Somehow that simple voice and question helped me to stay coherent.  I am sure without it - I would have been out cold laying on wet concrete.  That was my Monday.

So my head now has an Ostrich egg on it and my right knee looks like a basketball.  But, I am a Rowe - and just keeping on moving.  A lot slower of course. 

Tuesday didn't hurt much... but it was probably worse.  I went to my Speech Therapy evaluation and upon getting back to my truck I found out that I was missing a hearing aid.  I retraced my steps and didn't find it.  It is Sunday and I am still without it and way financially of getting a replacement.  A hearing aid folks - $2,000 to replace it.  

I am going to have to setup a Go Fund Me .... but this also shows exactly why my concept of the Power of X is good thing.  

On the home front we are moving our bedroom from the  basement upstairs ... and the two rooms we were using upstairs - to the basement.  What a mess. 

Anyway folks as usual my email is: info@sharksbait.org