What A Ride

Well, if you have been following me through this journey.  You may recall my bleeding in October.  

You may also recall me telling doctors to do another Colonoscopy.  Well it finally happened.  I had to take pictures of the blood / blood clot mixture and show them to a Nurse Practioner.  Her comment - You have a problem but you didn't need me to tell you that. 

I was denied an emergency Colonoscopy but had one scheduled for the 19th of Feb.  The doctor found the bleeding and cotterized it.  Late on the 20th I received a call back from my Doctors office. A message from an NP..  Go to ER. 

Off I went to ER and I ended up admitted with a Colonoscopy scheduled for the 21st.  I was supposed to drink GoLytely.... that stuff is so deadly it shouldn't exist. I drank not even two glasses of this "poison" and vomitted it all up into the garbage can in my room.   They ended up giving me two Fleet Enemas in the early afternoon. 

This time the Doctor doing the Colonoscopy couldn't see anything ...nothning done.  I was told to stay off my Xeralto ... but that will open me up to the potential of having a clot or a stroke.   Yup, that is exactly what I heard and then - we will be discharging you. 

On the 27th I restarted my Xeralto... and the bleeding started almost immediately again.    On the 28th I called my Doc - and he said come in now and we are going to do a quick scope.  It was quick.... I was awake and watched on the same TV that the Doc was looking at. I was able to see the bleeding.  The doc gave me 5 - 6 injections and told me to go the Pharmacy to pick up a steriod enema.  

Two enemas a day for a week.   After two it seems to be working.  There is still some blood - but definitely not as much as I was experiencing previously.

I really want to get off this ride, but I also seriously think this is my new normal for the rest of my life.