Warning: Radiation

Radiation Treatment Begins

WARNING: Radiation Do Not Enter 

On Monday August 5th I began my radiation treatment.  Usually if you see signs stating Radiation you don't enter, In general most people will stop and think about entering an area if we know Radiation is present.  Not this guy.   I arrived at the Cancer Care Center on time and like most people in a medical facility waited for my name to be called. I finally taken into behind the "door".  

I met with Dr. Lee and apparently will every Monday until my Radiation Treatments are done.  He talked about the process and mentioned some of the side effects. One of those being fatigue.  He also mentioned that there was some evidence that the Cancer has spread into my bladder.  So the Radiation would be directed at my Prostate and Bladder.  After talking with Dr. Lee I was then directed down the hall and into a change room. 

Everything off below the belt and put the stylish hospital gown on.  I take my shirt off as well and put on the gown.  However, because they have to get positiioned under the beam as I have previously described the gown is not tied.  I cover my posterior side so that no one is mooned and off I go across the hallway.  I walk into the room and see this huge machine that looks quite frankly like it could eat me.  There are four arms to this menacing machine that stick out and surround the table I must lay on.  No, I am not going to call it anything but a table.  If you have had an MRI I can pretty much assure you that what you layed on during that imaging was a million times more comfortable than the table I now must lay on.  Of course the treatment is only going to last 10 minutes so maybe this is Faux comfort. 

Laying down the table is extended into the area of the four arms. I put my legs in he mold they made previously and slowly lay down. A towel is placed on top of the gown and then the gown pulled upwards to allow the nurses to find my target points (tattoos).  The towel is there to keep some modesty in the process. I am now move into position .. Above me now is a round part where I quickly deduce that it is where the radiation beam comes from. The nurses line me up with the tattoos they left me with.  They actually remarked me with a marker to make sure that X does in fact mark the spot. 

Everyone leaves the room is of course behind a protective wall.  They wouldn't want to give the nursing staff any radiation.  The machine starts to turn and they take a quick CT of the area. The CT has the ability to overlay the image of my setup scan with the current day.  I haven't asked the importance but apparently they can tell such information - if my Bladder is as full as when I was setup for treatments. 

The CT scan ends and the Radiation Treatment then begins.  I can hear a high pitched buzz and the four arms start to move around me.  I was watching all of this for a bit an then realized the motion immediately in front of me and the ceiling being static - was causing some motion sickness.  I decided to close my eyes.  Almost as quickly as it started the treatment is done. 

I am moved out of the machine area.  The gown is put back in place and the towel removed.  Now I am asked to raise my legs so that the nurses can remove the mold my legs are in.  I think sure lift my legs in a way that modesty is maintained but yet I can get my legs out of the mold.  Somehow I think the whole modesty scenario is just a scam at this point but I also really don't give a hoot.

Now due to the fact that I am laying on a table - my back has quickly decided to throw a fit when I need to sit up.  I get into a sitting position but now have a knot in my back the size of the Gulf of Mexico.  I finally stand up, wrap the gown around my backside - although as I said the modesty scenario is gone I don't feel the need to moon the two or three nurses in the room. 

I get dressed, take my gown and the towel that is positioned an the bench and put them in the laundry bin outside the room.  On the way out I find the nearest restroom so that I can finally empty my bladder.   That is how my treatment days (daze) were supposed to go through the month of August.  Unfortunately, I had two treatments and was hit with a very nasty side effect - an enflammed bladder and much discomfort when emptying my bladder.   I think I am glad I get to see Dr. Lee tomorrow so that maybe another option can be discussed.  Have I told you how much I hate pain ? 

On the otherside of the equation my wife has developed Lymphedema - I think I spelled it correctly so she is working on getting that under control and waiting for her Radiation Treatments to begin. 


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