To Be A Friend

July 14, 2019

I meet my Oncologist on Wednesday at hopefully 8am.  I am happy to know that I my treatment care will be decided upon by the same Oncologist that treated my wife. She is known only by a portion of her name Dr. Pat.  I guess that she is probably from the Phillipines, but where she is from is not as important as the knowledge she has.  She is also a Dr. of Hematology. 

I have to get my questions into the phone so I am more prepared. I want to ask about hitting my Cancer with both Chemo and Hormone therapy.  The Hormone therapy is definitely not something i am look forward too.  To all my readers one of the "worst" side effects of hormone therapy is that we males get to experience Hot Flashes. Ladies, oh yes I can relate.  I was also reminded today of how drastic the Hot Flashes are, as I had lunch with a friend that was with me in 2016 when I was hit with a Hot Flash. He looked at me with a lot of concern and said "are you alright ?"   Hot Flashes for me...well I look like I just got out of a shower.  Ryan, is the type of friend that everyone needs but sometimes just can't find. 

Also this weekend I was graced to have a friend from years ago call me and we spoke for almost one hour.  A friend from school days gone by. Just a reminder I am 56 yrs old.  Bill, prayed for myself and my wife before we hung up.  I am not sure I touched on before but Friends are definitely a gift from God when you have Cancer.  So many people don't have a clue what to say or stop talking to you.  

Cancer isn't contagious so if you know someone that has Cancer - reach out, say hello and see where it goes.  If you want to ask questions about Cancer ask them, or you can ask me.  But please ask.   I am sure that nothing more will happen than you gain a deeper friendship or a new friend.  Either way both of you will win.  May God reach out and touch you so that his Love is shared. 

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