The Voice

Good day..  No I may have called this entry The Voice but I am not talking about the TV Show. 

Late last week I was provided with the results of the Ultrasound I had on Nov 5th of my Thyroid.  Well it appears that I may have a Goiter developing in my Thyroid.  This stupid thing could also be effecting my voice.  Well, it is nice that they may have found the root cause of my voice issues ... BUT.

I just made my appointment to the Endrocrinologist in Bismarck.  I have to wait a month.  At this point folks I am sorry to say but I have lost all patience - I want my voice back so I can return to work.   So now I have to hope like crazy we won't be expecting any snow on the 10th or 11th of December as I need to head to CTCA.   Then of course Nov 17th I have to drive 2 hours to have yet another Ultrasound done... then wait to see the Dr. in the afternoon.  Then drive home again hoping no snow shows up. 

This guy just wants to be back to work but - and stuff like not seeing a Dr. until the 17th of December just keeps me on the frustrated side.