The Pain

Another week has gone by.  A week I would much rather forget or pretend never happened.  

My Abdominal pain continues and I dare say is at times still getting worse.  It is centered in the lower right portion of my abdomen but likes to take over my body.   Of course while it does that it also creates as much as pain as possible. 

The worst day for me was Tuesday.  I had been back and forth with my Oncologist on what was going on mostly through Voicemail.  But Tuesday evening the VM left on my phone took me two steps in the wrong direction.  I jumped from being just filled with pain, bypassed scared and moved directly to terrified.  One question from a medical professional - and the terror of my pain set in.  The question - What do you want us to do ?  

Think about that if you will for a few minutes.  Imagine yourself with some medical situation that you can only explain and want to find out why you are suffering from... Your doctor says -  what do you want us to do ?    

My response after dealing with Cancer for months now - I fell apart very rapidly.  Leaned against a wall and started to cry.  I was also livid for any doctor to make such a statement. 

On Thursday I saw my Palliative doctor and Friday I saw my Primary.  It was a very calming to have my Palliative doctor see or sense the anxiety as she listened to me explain pretty much everything I have experienced since Nov 15th.   She made some suggestions and off I went to provide a urine sample for my Oncologist.  M

My Palliative doctor then called my Primary and spoke to her after she saw my urine test results.  On top of that she called me and left a VM on my phone letting me know she had spoken to my Primary - filled her and discussed a plan of action.  Now that is a doctor that cares.  I find it a little bit interesting because she is also from Toronto. 

I saw my Primary today another female doctor..  I went through the symptons and told her what was going as I sat in her office.  She took notes and asked questions and yes a beginning plan of action was decided on.  

So just after Christmas - I will be having a CT Angiography.  A CT that specializes in zoom in on the blood flow.  Apparently restricted blood flow can cause considerable pain.   I haven't looked it up on the internet yet  - but I am wondering what the steps are to correct restricted blood flow if that is the case.  

That is where things sit on the last Friday 13 of 2019.