Radiation Again

Good Day.

I started my week being prepped for five more radiation treatments. Ths time on my right lower rib.  I have to lay down in my form so that I don't move.  My arms are above my head somewhat stretched out and holding onto a bar. Just below my ribs they cover me with a blowup belt which restricts my ability to breath.  It takes a few minutes but it really is an exercise in relaxation and breathing control.  Take a moment and try breathing but with only about half of your normal breath..... got it ?  Now reduce that even more so your breaths are quite short and relax.  I do this for anywhere between 10 - 15 minutes.  My legs are also in a form so they can't move. 

Now all that and on Tuesday when I was getting my treatment what do I do ?  cough.  Guess what that little cough moved me just enough that the nurses had to adjust my position.  After my treatment my arms feel like lead weights.  I am helped to a sitting position by at least one nurse and then I have to shuffle down out of the form.  I can put my arms beside me and push because I would be pushing on the edge of the form. 

If you have read enough of my entries you know I am suffering from hot flashes.  On Thursday I saw my Palliative Care Dr and she was able to prescribe something to help with the flashes.  It hasn't stopped them but I believe it has reduced the amount of heat to a more comfortable level.   I do find that about 20 minutes after taking the pill I get cold for a period of time. 

Again this week I had a situation which I couldn't remember someone's name.  My only response was a simple Hi.   Other than that living in North Dakota could become more challenging.  I am usually not so bothered by cold weather.  I have actually walked outside in a T-Shirt at 32F degrees. Now, and apparently this is common for Cancer Warriors and Survivors generally the cold bothers us.

I am now preparing for my new employer and have to go down the road of asking for what is called a Reasonable Accommodation due to a disability.  The disability in my case is Cancer.  I will need a couple days or maybe I should say hours off as well as the ability to use the restroom without waiting for my breaks.  The best and most helpful part of this is that I will be working at home.   The company I was working for was contracted to my new employer - they have hired quite a few of us and instead of setting up an office is allowing us to work from home.  The wonders of technology.  My new employer is based in Florida.  I start off with a pay raise, and they are going to pay for our internet. They also have discounts that we can tap into like cell phone service.  I am looking forward to enjoying what I do and doing it from home. This change begins in November. 

I think that is it for this week.