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Sharksbait.org has been named as such because every human life around the globe can be hit with a debilitating disease such as Cancer or MS.  Every life can be hit with an emergency scenario and needs financial assistance.  Let me perfectly blunt here - in the US at least in my state it is so obvious that people meet a crisis head on and need financial help.  A funding raising breakfast or maybe dinner.  Some including myself may have a Go Fund Me started to get the assistance needed. 

Insurance in some cases is also available. A company called "Car Shield" in the US will let you purchase an extended warranty for your vehicle.  If you need it they will hopefully cover the urgent repairs on your vehicle.   I don't want to say anything negative about Car Shield .... however it is an insurance policy.  I spoke to one company offering to repair my vehicle through an extended warranty.   I found out the minimum payment was $250 a month for something  like three years.  I said no thank you and then the sales man said what are you going to do if your vehicle breaks down. ?  I replied, get it fixed.  

Now to continue with the Power of X. 

You are part of the X - and anyone else that sees the potential of this concept is also part of X.... Therefore the Power of X. 

Each person in the concept pays $5.00 a month or could pay $60 lump sum for a year.   Go ahead and do the math - pretend that there are 2000 people involved in the concept.  The Power of X - would collect $10,000 in a single month. 

Now let me suggest you have a financial emergency issue pop up.  Instead of being stressed out - you would send an email to info@sharksbait.org  and you would outline the scenario and how much money you need.  Lets say you need $3,000. 

Once the email is received - an email summarizing the need for $3,000 is sent out to everyone involved with the Power of X. 

Each person is given no more than 48 hours to respond to a poll ... Yes or No to provide the emergency funds.  No one knows by name who needs the assistance. 

If the answer is Yes.. You would be contacted and asked how we would contact the people that need to be paid.  

The issue is handled over the phone - with any payment being made for you. 

I ask you - is that financial assistance less stressful than anyone having to set up a Go Fund Me ?  Less stressful than waiting for a fund raising breakfast to be organized ? 

In one year - you would contribute $60 to the Power of X.   Am I making sense ?

The best part of this is that beside this type of assistance through the Power of X - the funds will also be divided up and made available to people with debilitating disease like Cancer or MS.  

Oh yes, a foundation needs to be setup to help legally.  Every foundation is allowed to cover their operating expenses. Keeping that in mind, no more than 10% of funds received will ever be allocated to cover operating costs.   The Power of X is about helping people financially. 

Would you like to get involved with the foundation itself ?    Would you like to ask questions ?   Please go ahead and email info@sharksbait.org  or use the contact us form.  Either way, your email address is only used to communicate with you.  



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