Positive Attitude

 June 8, 2019

This week has been interesting.  If you are reading these entries week by week you know I had a Biopsy.  On Thursday, I met with my Dr. and we discussed the findings.  I probably should not be so positive right now as the end result of the Biopsy is that I have Prostate Cancer and I also have a very high Gleason score.  My Dr. took each aspect of the report and explained everything as much as possible without using any medical lingo.  We mapped out a plan of action based on a PET scan that will happen later this month. That scan will show if the Cancer has spread or not.  Unfortunately, apparently Prostate Cancer likes to spread into bones.  

Now just a lesson for all males here.  Testosterone ... the hormone that makes the big difference between Male and Female is also what Prostate Cancer feeds off.  Our body also knows how much Testosterone we need and will regulate it.  Okay now with that as a lead in - I give you any product that is a Testosterone Boost.  I am also going to tell you that I am not a medical professional and you should seek out one if you want to ask questions or want to point a finger at me and tell me I told you wrong..   If Testosterone feeds Cancer why in the heck would you want to boost your level of Testosterone ?   Our bodies, also regulate Testosterone and will stop producing it if there is too much.  Doesn't that bodily regulator just rule out giving you a boost ?  Think about that for awhile and just maybe you should mention it to  your friend that takes a boost. 

My Blog is going to change.  I was hoping to find Cancer stories that could be shared.  Now that i am a Cancer Warrior each week I can document for you my thoughts and  what is happening to me.   Hang on, it might get very intense.  I don't want to scare anyone that may just be steps behind me and told they need a Biopsy.... but I also want to be able to help you through the fight. 

One huge factor that any Cancer Warrior is in control of is "Being Positive".  No matter what. I have already learned that staying Positive is essential.  The Fear with or about Cancer I believe can be attributed to Fear of The Unknown.  As a Cancer Warrior - you lose control of what is going to happen.  Complaining isn't going to help you go through the fight  Oh don't get me wrong - I am not saying it is going to be easy to be positive - it is just very important to maintain a positive outlook. 

That is enough for this week.  I typed up a poem on my phone this week.  I hope relatively soon to share that here.  Have a good Week.


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