PET Scan Denied

June 16, 2019

This week has been very tough and disappointing.  My PET scan that was scheduled for tomorrow morning has been cancelled by my health insurance company.  As you will see in the Project section of this website I have declared war on United Healthcare.   I really don't care that some "genius" within the staff of United Healthcare thinks they know more than my doctor. I pay them to cover my health expenses and nothing more.  They had previously told me that I must go to another Pharmacy or have higher drugs costs - I switched.  Well, guess what I am going back to the Pharmacy of my choice immediately.   You see I did some internet searching and United Healthcare,  CVS and Walgreen's are all owned by the same parent company.   Please check out the Project section. 

Now to continue I now will have a Bone Scan and today I watched a YouTube video of someone that had a bone scan and they used a Geiger counter on them.  A normal persons reading is apparently around 3.0.  Well the person that had a Bone Scan was making the Geiger counter go crazy with it hitting 479.   What we allow medically to help doctors find out how bad Cancer might be. 

Anyway, I am mentally putting some thoughts together so that I can write another poem.  The concept I am working on is that myself and all other Cancer Warriors have a living organism in their bodies.  My hopefully intention with the poem is to make the readers skin crawl.   My goal with all my Cancer related poems is to educate not scare. 

Final note because I was so upset  in regards to United Healthcare - I have been spending time with a block of wood (pine) and a Dremel.  Thanks to my wife, I have found that this type of woodwork is very relaxing for me.  I spent a short period of time working in our shop on Saturday.  Well, I thought it was short - in fact it was 4 hours... of relaxation. 

That is all for this week.  I will have to get back to writing so that I can have a poem for you each week.   I might have to include some poems that are in my first book. 

Have a great week.