Friday June 28, 2019 

Another week has gone by and I have to admit learning patience is really tough.  My Bone and CT scans were completed on Wednesday and now I wait to see my Urologist until July 9th.   I will say that as I was getting myself put back together after the Bone scan the tech had the images up on the screen.  I had watched a number of videos on Youtube so I knew very basically what I was looking at.  I saw some dark spots which can be almost anything Arthritis / Cancer / Bone Damage ... and I left the room at peace with whatever I had just seen.  The way I am looking at it right now is that the Cancer has spread.   If my doctor says differently on July 9th ... good for me.  

What is it like to have a Bone scan ?  I don't want to scare anyone but that injection of radioactive juice didn't help me very peppy that day.  However, doing my best to remain on the positive side and keep my humor about things --- I was walking down the hospital hallway and the tech that was with me noticed that an alarm had started beeping.  She said - You just set that off because you are radioactive.  I was disappointed though as I didn't glow even with a small nuclear power plant inside me. 

My dispute with the health insurance company is continuing.  However, I think they finally understand why I am so upset.  The representative from the company has suggested they will contact my Dr's office and see if the Dr wants to do the PET scan still.   Step 1 - a win for me.   I then said that is great but I feel that my fight is for every Cancer Warrior and no one with Cancer should be denied a PET scan if that is what the Dr wants.  I told the representative I want a letter from the CEO that indicates he is willing to uphold the values of the company as stated on the their website. 

I am not developing this website to be my story.  This is for all Cancer Warriors and those that become Survivors or as someone recently suggested Cancer Champions. Now as usual I finish my entry this week with a poem. 

Take me down the road

To where that

Divide occurs.


Where I must stand and

Ponder as

Robert Frost did

So long ago


Oh the road

That has been trodden on

Seems to easy

To navigate


Yet, my heart begs

Me to go down

The road

Less travelled


The road is

Not smooth

Nor is it



It grabs my attention

As I hear calls

Of those ahead


All individuals

Thrust down

This road

by an evil force

of nature


I am called to

Take this road

And journey

Into the unknown


The road

Less travelled

Curves into

The trees and



My courage

To venture

Forward is all I have


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