Hello everyone.  This week has been a roller coaster of emotions.

  An issue with my employment was resolved which relieved a lot of anxiety.  My first appointment with my Oncologist went as well as should be expected. I will be on Hormone Therapy. The goal is to have my PSA drop to 0.  Unfortunately, the drug (Lupron) has some pretty scary side effects. ie. Hot Flashes.  Other than those two events for the week the remainder and especially while attempting to sleep has been about the pain I have in my left leg.  

I just continue to walk on forward with a positive attitude and humor.  Actually, the only way any Cancer Warrior can get through the experience is with those two ingredients. Of course those come from within. There is also love from the support team or people and in my view the assistance of my Saviour - Jesus Christ. 

The following is a poem written touching on the fact that I have already had some experience with Hormone Therapy. 


Hey, I have been down

this road before.


I didn’t like it then

why would I want to

go again ?


The potholes are

numerous and

very trying.


I must ramble down

the road

while handling



Oh but that is not

the worst

some signs

indicate the

potential of death.


This is not a drive

for the weak of



I must travel down

this road again

to stave

off certain death.


I am the warrior

traveling down

the road


In hopes that

the road

can be extended

before I reach

the end.