Not Sure How Brave I Am

It has been a long road to this point.  I had both a CT scan and a Bone scan last Thursday.   The funniest part of the Bone scan is that because I am radioactive I can walk by hospital alarm panels for doors and set them off. 

The worst part this time around is that since the Bone Scan I have had considerable discomfort / pain on my right side. 

The reports according to the Hospital portal will be able to be seen by me today.  I am so sick of not feeling 100% especially since February 12th ... I am not sure how brave I am to open the report and see what might be there.  

I think especially because of all the crap I have been through in the last month and the pain on my right side - I may actually be scared.  Something I haven't felt up to this point. 

Life goes on..admist the Pandemic of Covid 19.  My fight with Cancer is minimal compared to everything else happening in North America.  I will know more about the effects of the Pandemic once I get on the phones today for work.  The number of cancellations I am handling sure brings home the Covid 19 fight. 

As I now say on the phones at the end of my calls - Stay Safe, Stay Healthy.


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