No Mr. Nice Guy

It has been a challenging week.  My issues around the restroom came to a head Friday morning.  The lack of sleep during the week was topped off Thursday night by being awake by 1:00am.  I dozed off in a living room chair around 5am.  I woke at about 6am and figured I could finish my sleeping in bed.  Heck no... I ended up laying in bed until the alarm went off at 7:40am. 

Tired, Fed up, and not wanting anyone medical to pass the buck I ended up talking to Dr. Lee's nurse very bluntly.  I let her know that I felt no one gave a hoot because my issues were all wrapped up in Side Effects from radiation.  She asked me when my last treatment was and that was apparently the key - 7 days ago.  Amy let me know she would talk to the Dr. and call back.  She called back in about 45 minutes and let me know that they wanted me to go pee in a cup.  The Dr. was also sending a prescription to the pharmacy and he had a script for me to pickup at the Cancer Center. 

My Urologists office also called and told me I could have a Bladder Scan to make sure I didn't have a blockage.  That will now be done tomorrow morning at 8am. 

The other part of my week was a meeting with a interesting gentlemen.  He wants to develop a partnership and open a business in Minot.   We should be meeting again near the end of the upcoming week.  This gent asked a very direct question "What happens to the business if we both die"  He apparently has had Prostate Cancer with surgery and is being monitored.  I really had no idea how to respond but in general my thought is and was - I planning on being around for the next advancement in Prostate Cancer fighting.  

Side effects to hormone treatment - number 1 - Hot Flashes.  No Ladies I am not just talking feeling hot.  When I get hit with a hot flash it looks like I have just gotten out of the shower.   Then of course I get the urgency to urinate.  I am sure I have made at least 30 trips to the restroom today alone.  I will just mention that some of the other side effects cause some pain.  Due to the urgency issue I made a very difficult decision and decided to drop my interest in the Minot Chamber Chorale for at least this year.  It is very difficult to dedicate to yourself to a two hour practice when I don't know how often my body will tell me to run. 

I am tired, and generally my mood can be flipped like a coin.  If I notice it coming I put myself in time out in the bedroom for a few minutes.

Re-learned a lesson this week.  The word Cancer may be spelled with six letters but some people treat it like a four letter word.  As soon as they hear it, they may say sorry but turn to leave without another word. How Rude. 

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