My Voice

Good Day... Have you ever thought about how important your voice is ?  I am sure we take it for granted that we have a voice and unless we become ill - it is always there.  Well for all intense purposes my voice went on vacation the middle of September and now its just a few days away from the end of November. 

Oh I can talk but - I only have a my voice for about 45 minutes and then it slowly fades into a jumble of raspy hoarse noise.   Great experience the other thing I am limited to unless I really want it - is a loud yell or maybe i should say any louder than what I now have as a normal voice.   Some folks can't hear me on the phone - so I am repeating myself with Hello .... and then the call is disconnected.  

My employer hooked me up with Short Term Disability through a company called Matrix Absence Management.  Let me tell you dealing with them is more frustrating than having my voice go on vacation.  Since this issue started on Sept 17, I have received a sum total of four payments from them.  I had to scream and yell for the payments to start - and my first payment was over $1,000 - then I received three "normal" payments of $400 / week.  

But after the third payment someone in the company decided they need to verify that I am experiencing voice difficulties and they suspended my payments on 11/2/20.  As I just said - it is now just a few days away from the end of November and I am still waiting for my next payment.   I chewed my claims examiner out and then i was given a supervisor ... She hasn't done anything really to help me out.   So I am sitting here waiting for Matrix to verify that I am actually dealing with a voice issue - and somewhat expecting someone within Matrix to tell me they aren't going to pay me any further for some dumb reason. 

I would like to know one working adult that could go 25 days without having any income.  As you all know 2020 has been crazy but being Furloughed from April until June was easier than dealing with Matrix.   So I have now been off work this year more than I have worked.   My buffer is long gone - and I am waiting now to see how bad this financial situation can get. 

I hope if you are reading my blog that you also check out the Power of X page... 

Finally my book of poetry has been published on Amazon for the Kindle.  Look for:  "  Killing Mr. Indiscriminate B. Cancer "

I hope all my readers are staying safe and staying away from Covid.