My First Blog Entry

May 19, 2019.

I am providing a poem that was written recently.  I believe this poem should touch anyone that has been diagnosed with Cancer. 


Sitting in a small room

Wearing a white jacket

The verdict she pronounced

The walls around me crumbled

The lights went out and in a

Flash the world was gone

My name was being called

Faintly in the distance

But my mouth would not respond

Emotions of every kind danced

Momentarily in front of me

And then disappeared

My eyes are forced shut as the

Fear and unknown are too much

My world has become like a

Liquid darkness all consuming

Grabbing at my every breath

Encouraging me to drown

Visions of sharks swimming

Around me reminding me that

My entire life is nothing more

Than vittles to their ominous

Razor sharp teeth

Yet a ray of hope breaks through

The darkness. The spiral of death

That had commenced only moments

Ago stopped like the flipping of a


The Big C, Cancer diagnosed

My life now hanging on the precipice

Between poison and life.