My Brain Hurts

Good Day folks.

Okay, to start off my brain doesn't really hurt.  I do however have a million thoughts racing around in my head. 

My voice is slowly returning and as someone that has always inspired to own a business  - I have to let those thoughts develop.  I just feel the need to explore potentials as I have to consider the possibility that my voice doesn't return and allow me to go back to call center work. 

One of those thoughts is an Online Radio Station.  I now have a section on this website discussing exactly that.  I have also sent a very detailed business plan for review to two investors in the UK.  Well, a long time friend in the UK sent it to the investors.  So now in regards to that potential I just sit and wait.  I am also considering such a crazy move as finding someway as purchasing a hotel.  If I am able to proceed with this concept I would definitely not remain as a flagged hotel.  A flagged hotel is one that belongs to a corporate entity like Best Western. 

My speech therapy is a moving forward at a snails pace. My therapist figures it could be four to six weeks before my voice is back to where it was prior to September.  I also have Physical therapy to keep my neck loose and - (drum roll) I have physical therapy for the knee I smashed when I fell in October.   Here is a little tidbit of information for you so that you learn something.  I am fortunate to have what is called a Fabella in my right knee.  Not going to say anything more so if you want to know you will have to Google it. 

Now if you are one of my regular readers I would like to challenge you to look at the Radio Station heading and once I have it in place the Power of X headings from the main page.  

Finally, my book of poetry is now available for the Kindle (Amazon) priced at $9.99.  The title is Killing Mr. Indiscriminate B. Cancer.   A portion of any royalties earned will allow me to start and then fund a new foundation. 

That's it folks, if you enjoy reading my blog I would greatly appreciate it if you would tell at least two of your friends about  The name if you have forgotten is a reminder that anyone can be diagnosed with Cancer or for that matter any debilitating disease.  It also there as a reminder to anyone having an emergency situation and needing financial help. 

Thank you very much for reading.... As always I look forward to hearing from you.