Sunday July 7, 2019

It has been a week of pain or maybe I should say continued pain.  I had to leave work early because I could no longer sit and take calls. One of my co-workers looked at me and could tell the pain was incredible and asked me if I needed help.  My response was - Lots of it.    My pain that I am experiencing is because of enflamed lymph nodes which is making some simple things like sitting now uncomfortable.  My primary doctor is going to be contacting my Urologist on Monday to decide on a plan of action on the nodes.  I am just pushing on and attempting to do a continuous mind over matter exercise to forget the pain.    

I did see the medical report for my scans and although there are many areas that could probably use a PET scan it does clearly report the Cancer has spread to a rib. Somewhat interesting and this is the importance of a PET scan - I have found out that Prostate Cancer likes to spread to bone ...but it can mimic the growth of new bone. Just think about that for a minute or two.  Medical professionals and Scientists the world over are working on learning as much about Cancer as possible and how to beat it...but this crazy disease can mimic the development of bone. 

This week I see my Dr. and we will discuss treatment options.  I think at this point that I am ready to throw everything at it and see if I can beat the Cancer and put it into a very long state of remission.  Immunotherapy,  Hormone Therapy, Chemo, Radiation and surgery.    I wish I could connect with a friend, actually he was my Best Man at my wedding in Canada.  He and I met during our high school years.  He is now the CEO of a company working on Immunotherapy. 

That is about all I have to say this week.  The poem is not quite correct because I am not on this journey alone.  Although, I do know some that have been forced into the position.

  It is well with my soul. 

Take me down the road

To where that

Divide occurs.

Where I must stand and

Ponder as

Robert Frost did

So long ago

Oh the road

That has been trodden on

Seems to easy

To navigate

Yet, my heart begs

Me to go down

The road

Less travelled

The road is

Not smooth

Nor is it


It grabs my attention

As I hear calls

Of those ahead

All individuals

Thrust down

This road

by an evil force

of nature

I am called to

Take this road

And journey

Into the unknown

The road

Less travelled

Curves into

The trees and


My courage

To venture

Forward is all I have


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