It Is Well With My Soul

June 23, 2019  11:11pm

Good Evening to those that read my blog entries. I stumbled onto this video this evening and it really caused me to think.  I decided that I must share it with you before I head to bed.  I don't stick this out there much and some would say what I have can't be legit. But several years ago my wife and I were searching the internet to find someone to officiate my son's wedding.  What happened what that through the United Life Ministries I was ordained. I could now officiate weddings and if I so desire use the title Revrend. I choose not too and I have only officiated my son's wedding. 

However, the only reason I mention this at this point is that to me becoming Revrend Wayne Rowe - was a logical step as a Christian.  I will not stand and preach a sermon and I may never officiate another wedding.  But, I took a step in faith that day.  

The following link has a comment from me and then a song.  Please take the time to listen It Is Well .  Good Night.




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