I Messed Up

Okay, I failed in my past weekend entry.  I failed to stay true to my emotions and feelings about life, Cancer Treatment and reporting it to you my readers. 

On Saturday we went to my grandson's first birthday party.  I was definitely not the life of the party.  In fact, I went into the living room and had a snooze on the couch.  The side effect of fatigue was making sure that I knew it was alive and well.  I am glad Crystle drove there and back. 

The inflammed Bladder was also doing its best to make sure I experienced as much pain as possible.  Oh by the way on this front - the doctors have agreed by the sound of it that I don't have an infection but they also don't know what to do to help me.  

This week, while at work I commented in agreement with someone I was assisting over the phone - that I wouldn't want to have to write down a journal of everything i did during the week medically.  This person then asked if I was on Workers Comp.  I said no ma'am I am fighting the big C.  Immediately, this person that only knows me by name said - Would you like me to pray for you. I said yes. 

I ended up writing the following.  Which seems to touch on the status of society in general.  However, my thought and purpose of it was too touch on a particular group and the inaction I have experienced.  Cancer is not a death sentence and it definitely is not contagious. I am feeling rather tired so I just say again I apologize for not being true to my feeling and emotions and will make sure that I do my best in making my entries.  That is the only way my readers can learn and might be touched by understanding the fight is real in so many different ways. 

Jesus Cries

Many believe that

a simple man

was born

to change the world


He is celebrated

during Christmas

and thought about

at Easter.


His life as the

Son of God

had a purpose

although short.


His teachings

have been compiled

into a book

called the Bible.


The entire message

of this book

is LOVE.


Teachings from cover

To cover

on how we should

treat our neighbor.


He loved the world so

Much that He

Gave his life.


Yet, I see this


Called Jesus


Looking down on Creation

and wondering

Where his simple

Message went wrong.


Jesus wept for the world

on the cross.

Jesus cries today

as so many

have missed the message.