I Care

Saturday June 22, 2019

 This week has been filled with challenges. At work,  My wife had surgery, My personal battle with the heatlh insurance company,  surprises at work and as I type this up I am inching closer to a couple of body scans to find out if my cancer has spread.  You, my neighbor, my wife, my Supervisor are all forced to deal with situations that life throws at us that I will call "curveballs".  They generally can and do add stress to our lives.  My wife's surgery to is forcing her to recover and in the process slow her down tremendously.  My body scans aren't the best type of scan but all the insurance company will allow. Yes, I let them know exactly what I think of their decision.  My work situation has we have been told is coming to an end by the end of year.  

I can apply for my position and potentially be hired by the company we are contracted to based in Florida. However, then I lose out on my health insurance ( which I have met the deductible and out of pocket expense) ...just before I begin treatment for cancer.   Of course, knowing that I will have a job in 2020 is a positive (if I am hired).  My Supervisor doesn't have the choice and is now looking at moving out of state and closer to her family. 

In the Cancer support group I am involved with someone this week asked - what would life be life if you hadn't been diagnosed with Cancer.  I found the question to be very negative and as such not very productive to even play the IF game.  Gee, if I hadn't been diagnosed with Cancer would I still be typing a blog entry this week - YES.  Would I still be working at the same company - YES. Would I be more content with my life - I doubt it.  My wife and I have three grandchildren which we are able to see pretty much anytime.  Two of them live in the same building as us. 

My reason for developing this Blog is to be different. To work towards creating a website that helps people find the information they need to to understand Cancer but not get scared.  To be able to hook up with a Cancer Support group and feel the compassion that can only be shared by people that are dealing with the battle themselves.  I am sure you have witnessed already that your friends (some of them) have disappeared once you tell them you have been diagnosed with Cancer.  It is scary, and yet very disheartening to feel this unbelievable fear put into your friends with the mention of Cancer. 

That group is ready to be your rock. If you are a Cancer Warrior or part of the Support team for a Warrior.... reach out to them. 

This website will hopefully gain some ground and begin to develop a small flow of funds so that I can then provide money to those that need it.  Having to declare Bankruptcy because someone had to fight Cancer is just wrong.  

One thing I have learned since October 2018 is that a positive attitude and humor when dealing with Cancer are two aspects of your care that an Oncologist cannot write a prescription for.  Don't look back and play the - What If game.  You can't win that game and all you are going to do is allow yourself to sink into negativity.  I have no idea how many people are reading this blog.  I do know that the site is getting hits but I really have no idea if anyone is reading my weekly postings. 

So how about this ...if you are reading this please let me know. Email me  info@sharksbait.org  I will promise you one thing - If you email me you will find out - I CARE. 

The following is my poem for you this week:

Just sit back and let it happen.

Watch as Rose cries in the freezing water,

“I Love You, Jack.”

Watch as thousands of men storm

The beach as they march for freedom.

Watch as your neighbor decides to take

Action against what they believe is wrong.

Listen as you hear cries of racism.

Listen as you hear cries against gays.

Sit and stare at what is happening around you,

Just let it happen – as you sit and cower in the corner.

Just let it happen – someone else can be the one.

Just let it happen – I am not going to stand.

                                           It happened, thousands died.

It happened, taxes went up.

It happened, they died of cancer

Why should I be different, why should I stand and be counted.

Why should I be a hero?

Why? The World needs you to be different

                                                                                         So take a step today into the world of difference


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