I believe I have hit the wall of frustrations. 

My scans showed that a rib has not been effected by my treatments.  I also have a small growth (3mm) on a lymph node.  Both concern me.

My Oncologist is going to ask the Radiation Oncologist if they can treat the rib.  Interesting fact, if that rib is within the circle of previous radiation then they cannot treat it with radiation.   

Since my scans on the 19th I have had a pain in my side.  My Oncologist figures or is guessing that it is pain coming from my liver.  A referral to a Hepatologist is being done. North Dakota only has one such specialist in the state - future road trip coming.  Not something that is really desirable considering Covid 19 is still running rampant. 

Onward and upward I guess... I wish I could get this pain under control.  

I am definitely not feeling very positive at this time. 



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