Good Day to my Readers.

Hopefully, I haven't driven anyone that was reading my entries off with my lack of keeping up with the Blog.   I was called back to work on June 22nd.   Since then I think life has some what been a blur.   I put into a different group and had to go through training.  That training started at 7am CT.  I was getting up before the birds and wondering alot of the time if I have made the right decisions in my career and for my Cancer treatments. 

The last couple of years have been a disaster for my wife and I - both fighting Cancer, An aunt passed due to Cancer, Covid 19 and of course the feeling of insecurity in the U.S. with all the riots, protests, killings, the call for defunding the police and the rise of the "Cancel Culture".  

My treatments seemed to be just fine going to Chicago.  Now, come September I am heading to one of the cities that is most definitely out of control with individuals getting shot (hurt or murdered).   Nevermind the rise of Covid 19 again when all the science folks were telling us that the Pandemic would slow to a crawl and then probably come back with cooler weather.  WRONG.

As far as my treatments go - I believe that I am now experiencing bone pain.  It is not all the time but it sure does slow me down.  The worst spot for me is just below my right knee.  The pain hits hard and instantly which makes me feel like I am going to fall.  A fall for me is a long way down so I just stop, wait and slowly start moving again. 

I have been on an extreme effort to reduce the expenses of  life that are static but somewhat needed...  Car payments, Insurance, Cell Phone bills, etc. etc.  The best piece of news I get with the bills is that apparently our electrical usage is below the average of our neighbors. Yee Haw for me. 

My Fight with Cancer is just an ongoing thing now with me - one that adds to the number of medications I take at night before I go to bed.  I feel that I need to develop a cushion  for men with Prostate Cancer because let me tell you - if it isn't removed sitting on hard surfaces (wood chairs) can get very uncomfortable.  Of course I am not sure if I am the only guy with this struggle but somehow I am sure that there has to be others suffering from not having the Prostate removed. 

I wonder all the time why I write poetry - because I can't seem to give it away and get any comments back.  Nevermind the fact that I was hoping to be able to start a Foundation based off the sales of my poetry.  I guess at this time when the world is upside due to Covid and the US is heading dangerously close to Anarchy - no one wants to consider reading something as mundane as poetry. 

You see folks, I know and can pretty much guarantee that if anyone takes the time to read my poetry that they will be virtually smacked in the head with the power of my words.  So here you go info@sharksbait.org --- I bet I don't get any email asking for my poetry.  It's copyrighted and a copy is waiting for you just because you asked through email. 

I am doing well folks.  However, my dreams have been bashed against the rocks too long.  

Final comment I am hoping that an application I submitted for a Supervisor position gets me at least a little ways down the road instead of being stopped immediately.  It makes sense to me that someone with 20 yrs experience in the Call Center Industry ...should be able to move ahead but we will see.  I will of course let all you know what happens on that front. 

I will do my best to get back into the habit of making an entry closer to once a week than what has been happening. 

Good Day.