Disheartening Week

I began this week at the Cancer Care Center at 7:50am.  I reported to the lab for a blood draw for my appointment with my Oncologist at 9:45am.  I will never understand why but I finally saw my Oncologist at 11:30am.   We discussed the results of the blood test and my blog entry information from last week. 

The Blood Test showed my Calcium was a little low. So now I am taking 2400mg of Calcium a day plus a one month injection of a Calcium builder.  More importantly I was told my PSA had gone up again.  Thinking back I am sure that disheartening news after 15 days of radiation and one month of hormone therapy - caused me to blank out a little and no further questions were asked.  I let my Oncologist know that I was prepared for her to prescribe another drug - one which I would have to pick up at the drug store.  I had secured a discount for it. 

After seeing my Oncologist I had to return to the lab.  She wanted to make sure I didn't have any Urinary Tract Infection so off I went to pee in a cup.  I returned to the Cancer Center and received two injections.  One a calcium shot in the back of my arm - a pink bandage.  My hormone therapy shot - upper portion of my butt just below the belt.  This shot burned like crazy - a yellow bandage. 

My three year old granddaughter came to visit as I was laying in my bed for a rest. I told her about the pink bandage and of course she wanted to see it.  I mentioned my yellow bandage - and she of course wanted to see that one as well.  No, she didn't get to see it.  I explained to her that I had two needles.  There was a brief moment of quiet and then she said - I love you PopPop.  A lovely moment that put a smile on my face. 

On Tuesday I saw a Radiation Oncologist and asked him if he could explain the rise in PSA even though they were zapping my Prostate with Radiation.  His replay was very educational.  He indicated that the Radiation is working but when a Cancer Cell dies it explodes.  When that happens the explosion releases PSA.  He also indicated that the cells could continue exploding for up to three months.   Personal comment here:  I am really glad I can't feel these Cancer cells dying. 

The rest of the week - well read my last blog entry and entisify the feelings. I am so ready for the radiation treatments to be done.  My last treatment is later today.  

As part of my celebration my daughter suggested that I color my hair.  I did, although it didn't turn out the best - I now have blue hair.   IF you happened to miss that blog entry one thing that is a must as a Cancer Warrior is a sense of humor.  I will receive a graduation cap from the Cancer Center today to indicate I am finished with radiation. (at least directed to the Prostate). 

A quick turn to Crystle.  While doing her lymphatic massage my on two different occassions this week - two more lumps have been found.  An ultrasound has been scheduled and the hope right now is that they are simple cysts.   

An ultrasound was completed and that led immediately to a mammogram.  Crystle was given the all clear just a couple of fat deposits. 

Friday night it had been decided we would go to the races as they were having a free night.   Well, folks my body went nuts after the last treatment.  Preparation H hadn't not done anything for me and I think the H was as big as the state of Texas.  I felt like I needed to go but was pretty much plugged up.   I decided to stay home and miss the races.  However, after 1 Imodium pill I decided to venture out.  It was an experience - one that I don't want to repeat.  I felt like I was going to die. 

Saturday, well I had to stay close to home.  The battle going on inside of me was intense.  The thought of having to go to the bathroom was way down on my list of things to do... I at 10pm I finally gave in and called the after hours support for the Cancer Care Center.  I was able to speak to Stephanie NPA.  She gave me one piece of information and other than suggested I would have to go to the ER. 

Stephanie's suggestion - use Hydrocotisone.  Found some and just a few hours later - relieve.  OMG - why had no one else suggested this to me ?  It had only been a week plus..  Anyway folks that stuff works awesome on inflammation. 

Now the pain while urinating ... still there and I may end up heading to ER before Tuesday.  I am beginning to wonder if the flow isn't blocked just a bit.  Of course some sort of image of my insides will be needed. 

As always I would love to hear from my readers.  ( )    Now a new poem... 


No More

God gives us no more

Than we can handle

They say.


But how ?

Can we imagine the

Power of knowing that ?


I struggle

through life’s issues

and want a break.


But yet

I trust He is

Shaping me for some



The physical

Pain I experience.

Fatigue which

Cannot be compared

And only known to some.


Treatments that

Demand my body

Contort itself

as cells are twisted

and killed off.


Yet because

He lives

I have Hope.


Because He lives

I can face