Covid 19

What a World

Hello Readers.

Sorry for the delay in entries.   April was a blur of events.  I noticed the effects of Covid 19 at work - more cancellations for medical appointments than creating them.  April 3rd rolled around and was my last day of work due to being furloughed.  Not a problem right, unemployment and in the U.S. - Uncle Trump was going to add $600/week.   Financially sound just had to sit around and wait. 

Only five days later my wife was terminated and our world was turned upside down. We had to find a place to live because our rent would now go up on May 1st.  Her employment provided us discounts on the apartment.   So now we are looking for a place to live and considering all options.  Both of us have great work experience and can basically move to any city.   My position can be done in any U.S. city. 

We did find something in Minot and worked towards being able to get into the home by the 24th. 

On the 14th it was explained to me that I needed to lose 32 lbs due to an enlarged fatty liver. The doctor suggested intermittent fasting.  I figure this would be easy skip breakfast something light for lunch and then have dinner.  Due to the confusion factor of the move - and preparations it became one meal a day - Dinner.  Crash - I lost 16lbs in 12 days. 

On the 23rd.  I had my monthly injections.  Crash - on the 24th I was hit with multiple side effects of the drug.  Having Hot Flashes wasn't bad enough.  Now I had to experience Hot Flashes or being freezing cold.  On top of that I have nausea and head aches.  All of this and a feeling of extreme weakness due to the loss of weight.    I decided that I was seriously ill and went to the ER on 24th. 

My ER visit was a series of tests including being swabbed for Flu and Covid 19.  Everything came back negative   I went to my family doctor and contacted my Oncologist.  The result - sorry the injection is a one month shot you have to work through the month.  We wont give you any more of that drug. 

It has been upwards of 70 degrees and I am wearing a T-shirt along with a long sleeve shirt and still feel cold.  Of course at any time the switch can change and I am instantly sweating. 

I received an email from my Dad, and he said Rick is telling us that he has contact with you.  I sat and scratched my head for awhile as I never heard of this Rick.  I spoke to Dad and figured out eventually that Rick is one of my readers.  So Mr. Rick ... please send me an email ( and please give me your last name just to confirm.

Thats all folks... onward and upwards in our upside down world of Covid 19.