I can only hope that a majority of people that visit this page feel that my approach to very wide problem is not only logical but a very human approach to solving financial issues.

Now to begin my explanation - Rule #1 if you have questions email me ( ) I will answer.  If you provide want to provide a phone number in your email and a time from 7:00pm CST to 8:30pm CST I will even call you.

The estimated population in North America is 359,000,000.  I am going to hope that 1/4 of 1% as a minimum take interest in this and that number of people (897,000) can begin to change North America. 

Here is how - Sharks Bait is going to approach helping people.  I am going to use "Ralph" as the person involved. 

Ralph comes to the website and decides to get involved.  He signs up and understands that he should contribute $5/month. 

$4/month will go into the "Community pot".   75 cents will go into a "pot" to help Cancer Warriors.  25 cents will be used for administrative expenses and any salaries. 

Five months goes by and Ralph is hit with an unexpected expense because his vehicle broke down.  Ralph figures he needs $1500.

Ralph sends an email to Sharks Bait with his member number and request for the $1500 along with the reason for requesting $1500. 

Sharks Bait - sends an email to all members letting them know the total amount in the "Community Pot" and how much the request is from the member.   Members now have 48 hours to vote on providing the requesting funds to Ralph.  

If the majority vote - yes.   Sharks Bait now gets more information from Ralph and the contact information for the business that will be helping Ralph.  A payment is provided.

** No member will know the name of the member requesting assistance only the details and the requested amount of funds. 

** Only members can request funds. 

There is no stipulation of whom the member can assist.  However the key is this - NO Money will provided to any private individual.  Funds will only be paid to a Business.

At the moment I will suggest funds used will be small expenses or for emergency situations due to a health concern.  I would love to be able to look into the future and have the potential of providing 10% for home purchases or money to start a business. 

The POWER that I am presenting here and where it goes is dependent on the number of people involved.  Each person involved is as I see them a Philanthropist they will be helping a Cancer Warrior and someone else by only contributing $5/month.

The POWER of X .... Go ahead play with the numbers I have provided and see the power.  

897,000 individuals contributing $5.... 75 cents to Cancer Warriors - amounts to $672,750 in financial assistance per month.  That amounts to well over $8 Million in assistance in one year.

$4 into the Community Pot amounts to $3,588,000 in one month.    Can you imagine the assistance that is available after only one or two months ? 

IF you have questions email me ( )    Actually please just email and let me know what you think - Will you participate ? 

My rules for Credit / Debit cards used for this program.  We will not save any portion of your card number.  Once the transaction is done - the card information will be deleted. 

We will know you by the contact information you provide only:  Name, Phone Number, Member Number, City and State or Province.  Nothing else will be kept. 

You will receive all emails pertaining to requests of money - We may send one email a month BUT most emails between you and Sharks Bait - will be because you made a request for communications. 


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