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It has been an interesting couple of weeks.  To start off I want to make sure that I haven't given anyone the wrong impression about my Cancer.  I have Prostate Cancer that was very aggressive.  This battle I am in - is something that I will never finish until the day I die. 

Now to back up a bit.  On May 26th I saw my Oncologist in Minot, ND.  The visit I had with was somewhat normal - she looked at my PSA level which at that time was .61.  She listened to me tell her about the side effects I had just experienced.  She then decided to stop all treatment and schedule a Bone Scan and CT Scan. Those scans have actually been scheduled on my birthday.  

I was not sure what I thought about stopping all treatments so I decided to get a second opinion. 

That second opinion would come from the Cancer Treatment  Center of America based in Zion, IL (Chicago area).  Now before I go on - I want you to read very slowly because it is very important for me to say this before I continue ..... If you know someone,  are a Cancer Patient or a Caregiver if you live in the USA - do yourself a favor and contact the Cancer Treatment Center of America.  You owe it to yourself to seek out what I will now call the best care possible.

I was scheduled to fly on Monday June 1st... with my first appointment on Tuesday June 2nd.  (CTCA pays the flight of any patient) I was picked up that Chicago airport by a driver named Barry.  He picked me up in a stretch limo.  Barry and I talked on and off during the 1 hour drive to the hotel.  Barry said to me - be prepared for your mind to be blown. Everyone you are about to meet will have a smile and they are there to make you feel better. 

After my experience all I can say is that Barry was telling the truth.  

I think I can take it one step further and anyone that is associated with CTCA - is there to make your day better.  I stayed at a hotel called the Lotus Suites.  The shuttle driver from the hotel was Robert.  He did his best to make sure that everyone had a smile on their face by the time we got to the center. 

CTCA is a large building that doesn't look or smell like a hospital.  Everyone inside is there to help.  Imagine if you will a place that has medical professionals to help you as a Cancer patient.  But then also imagine being in a facility that almost everyone there is patient.  I say almost because Caregivers are also roaming the hallways,.  What happens though is simply amazing.  If you get lost - someone is going to help you.  If you are open to it - another patient is going to talk to you. 

Anyway I met my Oncologist / Hematologist on Wednesday afternoon.  He asked immediately if I have any issues with bleeding because part of my blood test was indicating that I could.   I thought hang on  - He is mentioning something new my Oncologist / Hematologist in Minot has never asked about.  The light bulb of better treatment turned on. He provided me my options for treatment and answered my questions.  I sat quietly for about 1 minute and then asked - what do we do next if I say yes to becoming a patient here.  He said - we give you a shot and set up a schedule for treatment. 

The shot was provided and my next appointment at the center is in September,

On Thurday while at the hotel I called the Scheduling people and asked if I could meet my Naturopath.  Yes, CTCA is not only going to treat your Cancer but also your entire body, mind and spirit.  My appointment was Scheduled for 10:00am.   In this appointment she said I am glad you scheduled this - your Vitamin D is low so I am going to prescribe you take Vitamin D.   

All my readers know I suffer from Hot Flashes ... well my Naturopath says - you need to reduce your sugar and caffiene (spelling) in take.  I will also provide you some supplements that can help. 

Now if you are a Cancer Patient or Caregiver I want you to ask yourself - when was the last time your Oncologist helped like I have indicated happened ??

I would really like to know how many people might be reading my blog... please as usual feel free to email me at

Now as Bugs Bunny usually said .... That's All Folks.