Biopsy Week

May 25, 2019

I share two things this week.  First on the 28th I will be heading to the local hospital to check in at 5am so that I can be prepared for biopsy.  A biopsy which follows an MRI that has pinpointed and described a mass as very suspicious and cancerous.  The MRI report described things as nothing but negative.  My reaction has been that the biopsy will do nothing more than confirm I have cancer.  I am ready at this point for as most people would describe it - the bad news.  I told my wife about the report and her response as a Cancer Warrior was - It goes away.  It may take chemo, radiation or surgery but it just goes away.   We have decided it that Cancer is like anything else - an attitude battle.  Cancer is not nor is the treatment a death sentence. 

The second item this week on the Memorial Day weekend are thoughts for all those that do currently serve and those that have served and especially those that served and did not come home or have since passed away.  In North America, we have a freedom to live pretty much as we please.   It is our responsibilities as the beneficiaries to their actions to never forget.  The following I share with you to bring to the forefront only one battle done oh so long ago. 


Memorial 2019

The battles that have shaped

This land and the world

Were so long ago


Those born in the twenty first century

Have nothing to relate too and

Could well be lost as to what needs

To be remembered


Grandpa or Grandma served

Draws no image in the mind.


The bloody beach of Normandy

Where hundreds never made it

Past the sand


Where once the sand was bleached

In red – time has erased the scene

From the visible eye


Yet history itself allows those

Who perished to cry out with shouts of

“Remember Us”.


Yet many pass by and cannot hear

The men who set out to save the



Listen, carefully and hear the guns,

The men falling on the sand,

Sense the pain as they lay there

Waiting to die


Oh there is plenty to remember

All the men that never saw

Tomorrow because of the beach

Of Normandy


All the Heroes that did in fact

Make it across that beach.


So much to consider as time

Swept across a beach and changed

The lives of thousands and the

Future of many a family


We that live today do so freely

Because of their discipline and

Determination to conquer the

Enemy forces

What is there to remember ?


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