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Who is behind Sharks Bait

Good Day to you. I don't like following corporate rules and hopefully that difference will shine through in my efforts to build Sharks Bait. The name developed very quickly as a friend and I discussed a simple graphic. Why a shark ?   Because Cancer or as John Wayne called it - the big C is terrifying.  The FEAR is real - as soon as a doctor says the simple phrase - we need a biopsy, the fear jumps out at you. 

As I write this my experience with Cancer has been as the support. My mother had Cancer in the 80's. My wife was diagnosed with Cancer, November 2018.  Personally, soon enough I will have had my fourth biopsy.  As soon as my wife was diagnosed I started a gofundme - considering what I have seen others accompish on gofundme my campaign was a disaster. 

I had been working on another bigger project to start a business.  That project included a mobile unit with racing simulators. I communicated with the American Cancer Society in regards to taking that mobile unit to Relay for Life events.  I was told that I would need to be in business for a year.  I had been told by a company that operates by raising funds that I couldn't help raise funds.  I dug a little deeper into the American Cancer Society and found through information on their site that they were experiencing a decline in donations.  Confusion set in - and a with it a fleeting thought that something better had to be developed. 

As I begin my efforts with Sharks Bait - my team is my wonderful wife and I.  That is it. Please keep that in mind if you send me an email and don't get a response within a couple of hours.  We will be working on the development of Sharks Bait so we can assist as many Cancer Warriors as possible in North America.   

Who am I ?  My name is Wayne Rowe, I was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada and now live in Minot, North Dakota. My wife, Crystle is from Eatonville, Washington. We are both in our 50's.  We are both employed full time in Customer Service positions and through the years have been provided compliments for the service we provide.  

Hopefully, this website and the concept behind it forces us to experience growing pains. Those pains will tell us that we are touching lives in a positive way as people deal with the fight that is Cancer.   


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