A Visit With The Oncologist

I saw my Oncologist yesterday.

The end result of that visit is that she will be ordering a Bone Scan and a CT - I think she meant a PET scan.  So i get to be radioactive 

She indicated that one of my blood tests was negative.  My primary doctor is indicating that opens me up to a variety of inflammatory diseases.  I will now have an appointment setup to see a Rheumatologist to test for Fibromyalgia. 

I think I may have just jumped into the frying pan. 

I will be waiting for my blood test results to be available to me online so I can learn more about my blood and what it is telling the doctors.  I am really not sure I want to go down this road but I if I don't go willingly do I get dragged down it anyway without really understanding why ?   Some of what I have seen thus far scares the crap out of me. A simple thing like a blood test can tell a doctor if a serious and potentially deadly disease is lurking. 

The thought of having an inflammatory disease or an autoimmune disease I guess has been dumped on the life's road ahead of me.... How I react to the entire situation just reinforces my character.  I feel ready for anything I am told but I do so with a BUT -- BUT what I am told hopefully has some form of treatment.

I finish by saying - It is well with my Soul.    ( info@sharksbait.org ) 


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