A Simple Addon

The weekend if officially over.  My wife and I went to see a movie on Saturday night.  We both agreed that it was just a little to much Science Fiction in the story.  However, the two main actors created an action packed two hours.  Yes, it was good not great.  

On Sunday the local family went to brunch as I had wished for my Birthday.   Sunday evening I did something I haven't done in over 20 years.  I sang for an Audition.  I am now part of the Minot Chamber Chorale.  I can't recall when i started but I have been in numerous Church Choirs,  High School Choirs and was in the Scarborough Youth Choir.  The Director of the Scarborough Youth Choir pushed me to audition for the Scarborough Music Camp.  I was given a scholarship so that I could attend.  I came really close to deciding to go pro with my voice but decided against it.   Anyway, now many years later my voice will be used once again. 

I was given a gift this week by friend Bruce.  A recorded sermon from 2006 by John Piper.  After thinking about what he said before he got into the meat of the sermon made sense.  I therefore, want to state right now before I proceed any furher - I do not want my Blog entries to generate any sense of pity for me.  I also don't want anyone reading my entries to have any thought that I am doing this because I am better than anyone else.  No, not this guy.  I just want to share my experience with Cancer so that Cancer is understood just a bit more. Cancer is not a death sentence - but it definitely is a life changing experience.  One that although I am only in my first month of treatment I will be dumb enough to suggest that the fight must be fought with a support team by the warriors side. 

To finish this week as I prepare to charge into another week I give you another of my writings.  I would really like to hear from my readers. ( info@sharksbait.org ) Hopefully my blog can become more than a one sided effort.  

I Want

I was given the news

Cancer you have.


I have now learned

words that I once

were never

thought of.


Oncologist, Chemo

Androgen Deprivation Therapy,

Hormone Treatment, Lympedema,

Radiation and the best word of all



But not even a hint

of the word



Along with those words

Drug names and side effects

I have been advised of


Chemo Brain, Calcium reduction,

reduced white blood cells,

broken bones.


Inflamed body parts

that I don’t even want to



Surgeries to remove

Body parts and tumor too.


I am a Cancer Warrior

Heading to Victory

And the title of

Cancer Champion.


But I want something

I can never have.

I want my body back.