A New Year

Hello to my readers.  Sorry, I had some computer issues and couldn't login as you can see that is now resolved.  A little speed bump to begin the year. 

I think I decided to change the purpose of this website. I have a lot of developmental work to do including the changing homepage.  The website name will rename the same and the purpose is now going to be two fold.  I have been called Altruistic and I won't even attempt to debate the charge.  I will admit that I am guilty as charged.  Along with the speed bump I also lost the ability to see how many people are visiting my site.  That of course will get corrected but at the moment I would appreciate everyone reading this to share the homepage URL - www.sharksbait.org .   It is time to crank it up and hopefully get people helping people like no other organization that I currently know of in Canada or the United States.   

Now to continue with my blog.  I still have pain at night and with one test down there is still no indication as to what is happening to cause the pain.  On Monday, I have an MRI and then I finish my week out with a visit to my Oncologist. 

My legs cramp almost nightly with severe pain.  I have started using the technique my wife uses which takes quite a bit of effort while maintaining some order of quiet at 3am.  I swing my legs out of bed and let the feet touch the floor.   I then slowly stand up.  Oh yell yea the pain is immense but I am very quiet.  One I have stood for maybe 20 seconds it is time to head out of the bedroom and walk around the apartment.  The cramp as I see it must leave because the muscles are being forced to work. 

I have found given a specific situation that I am not in anyway thinking like a Christian should.  Our oldest son said way back when he was a teenager that he never wants to be part of society.  I would have to say in general he is doing a great job.  He doesn't have a job, has no formal education after high school and thinks that working in the "Fast Food" Industry is slave labor.   In Minot that Slave Labor can get a job paying $13/hr and possibly $15/hr.   Anyway, his living situation fell apart and he invaded our home for a few hours.  Piled our garage with his assorted wacky possessions and acted like a human vacuum inhaling any quickly edible morsels for about 45 minutes straight.  I was inching very quickly to the point of just saying - get out now...even with the temperature as cold as it was.  I didn't have to say anything - he left to find somewhere he could be under a roof and once again we haven't heard from him. 

In just a couple of days I will be alone until the end of the month - as my wonderful wife will heading south.  

It could be interesting because I will have anyone to help me or maybe i should say "force" me to stay awake after finishing my workday at 6pm. 

But then again my revised purpose of this website will hopefully create enough drive to help me stay away until at least 9pm.   The new purpose will hopefully be explained on the homepage by 1/17/20.   I will probably also have two new sections to the website that will need to be reviewed. 

Stay well everyone its winter in North America.   I look forward to hearing from you  info@sharksbait.org