A Little Bit Of The West

I grew up in Toronto, Canada when I travelled to Banff I loved the look of the west.  The Hats, Boots and yes the Bolo Ties.  I may have been a city slicker but I could dress up and be a Cowboy.

I loved the simple Bolo tie over tying a knot around my neck.  

Coming soon, I will be promoting and selling Bolo Ties on this website. Each and every sale will help me build the beginnings of a fund that will help those that are diagnosed with a hard hitting disease like, Cancer or MS. 

I have looked online and found Bolo Ties to be as high priced as $70 USD.  I will be aiming to keep my Bolo Tie creations below $30.  If you want a Bolo please let me know what type of piece you would want on your tie through my contact page.  I will do my best to find what you would like and let you know. 

Keep your eyes, on the site.  Please let everyone you know that likes Bolo Ties - that Sharksbait is where they should purchase their tie.