A Death - But Victory

June 1, 2019

Earlier this week I underwent a biopsy on my Prostate.  I was taken into the OR and put to sleep.  The entire procedure under control of several professionals that as a patient I hand over my trust and if one really thinks about my life.   After having a previous biopsy and being awake through the process - i much rather prefer the sleeping and not hearing or feeling what is happening.   The results well those will come in the following week.   Am i scared ?  No.   That may sound crazy to some reading this.  It may seem even more strange when I let you know that in January of this year the family watched as one was consumed with Cancer and the only option we had was to show them they were loved until they decided it was time to go.   Earlier this month within a cancer support group I am involved with someone let the group know their brother had passed.  In both situations my ability to write poetry allowed me to touch those left behind.    A huge part of the Cancer battle is a good attitude and a faith in God.   We that accept the powers of God can be called Christians.   Like my trust in the medical professionals that care for me - Christians have trust or as it would be stated in a religious discussion Faith in God.   Those of us that are Christians have taken a step in faith in an almost child like way to believe in something we cannot see,  nor understand.  Yet, I am sure that each and everyone has experienced more than once the power of God in their lives.   This week I give you a poem written to celebrate life and death because the only people left hurting when a loved one dies is those left on Earth. 


Cancer Victory


Let me share with you a tale of utmost bravery.

She walked this earth like everyone, sharing her love and living

to enjoy each moment.


She was told that Cancer may be within But could not

be confirmed because of her health.


She went on and continued to enjoy life.

Each day another moment to enjoy.


The Cancer decided to strike hard and fast.

Spitting in everyone’s eye and claiming a victory.


Come quick, the call out went out across the land.

Your mother is dying and we do not know when.

Cancer is consuming her and claiming a victory.


Oh but rest ye weary and heavy laden.

This warrior a secret weapon does she have.


No not a weapon to heal.  A far greater weapon does she have

at her command.


One call, One mighty word and our warrior shall become the victor true.

Defeating Cancer and being set free.


Free of earthly bounds our warrior will be.

Our warrior lifts her fist in defiance of her killer.

Through her mask voices her command.


I commend you to hell Cancer within.

I am the victor,

                                                                                                      I have accepted Christ and I am Glory bound


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