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everyone is shark's bait

I personally welcome you to Sharks Bait. The purpose of this website is to educate and support people that are called Cancer Warriors.  

Now, that I have mentioned the big "C" as John Wayne called it, I am going to bet that most of you will now move on.  Cancer, is a scary word but my first lesson in education is that Cancer is not - Contagious.  Why did I call this website Sharksbait ?  If we use the image of a Shark to be Cancer ... anyone can be Sharks Bait.  That is a very sad fact - no one is "safe" from being diagnosed with a type of Cancer.  

I may have counted wrong but I saw a list of the different forms of Cancer.  There are 72 different types of Cancer.  In the United States of America the number one killer is Heart Attacks.  Cancer is number two with Breast Cancer being the worst for women and Prostate Cancer killing the most men. 

If you have been diagnosed with Cancer or know someone that has been diagnosed with Cancer you may want to look into the resources that I continue to compile and publish through the website.  If you are terrified of the word Cancer you may want to look around and hopefully learn something.  

I could use some help in ensuring this website is a success and is able to provide funds to Cancer research and assist Cancer Warriors financially.  It is volunteer work - but I can assure you that you will be involved in a mission that truly cares about every Cancer Warrior.  

To finish my welcoming statement I challenge you to listen to the Sound of Silence by Disturbed. I have chosen that song as being very appropriate for the millions of people that now get diagnosed with Cancer each year.  We, the Cancer Warriors need the world to know that it is okay to speak to us, share with us and YES - we need more support both through simple friendship and financially.  This Cancer Warrior sees himself and this website as the "I" attempting to spread a message and really hoping that the words on this website do not fall into the Sound of Silence. 



NEWS Flash 13 May, 2019 We all get bombarded with news from radio stations, websites and of course TV. No, I am not about to take a story from one media source and dump it on this website. We need your help to make the News Flash strictly about GOOD NEWS. Send us your GOOD NEWS stories, but avoid naming any specific location and when using names - please only provide the first name. Share with us the birth of your child, That you rang the Cancer Bell, That your child won a trophy, if it is good news share it.


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