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Welcome to Sharksbait.  My friend, associate and mentor whom I have never met but I have known now for over 10 years has labelled me as Altruistic.  I am not going to plead the fifth but will accept the charge.  This website is about financial help and I will go so far to suggest that unless you are independent wealthy – situations always arise that we need help.

Please take a moment and read the information in the section of this called:  Community.   I am launching this effort for those in either the United States or Canada.   It is possible in the future that I will consider expanding into other countries.

The original use of this website was to promote education and financial assistance for those that hold the title – Cancer Warrior.    Sharks Bait – because no one is excluded from being attacked by Cancer and figuratively labelled as the Shark.

Now at the beginning of 2020 I have decided to modify the mission of this website and attack two issues using what I call the POWER of X.

I just saw an add on TV with Mike Rowe promoting a $7 insurance.  The insurance is there to cover you should the water lines break between the street line and your home.   The commercial indicates you are responsible.   What if there was another way to react ?

Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, all major health issues in the U.S.A.   Have you ever seen a family hit with this type of health issue and they are forced to use Go Fund Me or ask for community help to raise funds ?   What if was another way to react ?

Have you ever known anyone that needed help paying rent ?   Paying a utility bill ?  Maybe they had to get a Pay Day loan ?

What if there was a way to get help without having to qualify ?   What if there was a way to get assistance without getting into the Pay Day Loan loop ?

Community is the key.  A community of like minded people that don’t mind helping a fellow human in North America. 

A Community of people that believe in Paying it Forward.  The concept of Paying it Forward and the Power of X.  Incredible possibilities through Sharksbait. 

Not helping is Silence… and as the song “Sounds of Silence” suggests – Silence like a Cancer grows.

You have now been introduced to Sharks Bait…. Please take a moment more of your time and explore the Community link and my Blog. 

If you are a Cancer Warrior please take a look at the Warrior page.

Finally please email me:  info@sharksbait.org 





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